About Us

Energy Department Government of Balochistan was created as a result of Bifurcation from Irrigation & power Department on 23rd December, 2011 vide Notification No. SO(O&M)1(24)/S&GAD/2011/1722-72.

Consumption of electrical energy is a universally accepted indicator of progress in the agricultural, industrial and commercial sectors of an economy and is also considered a benchmark of living standards of the people of any country. No major economic activity can be sustained without adequate, cost effective and reliable supply of power. It plays a critical role in employment generation, regional development and poverty eradication. Pakistan and specifically Balochistan province is bestowed with enormous solar power potential which, if exploited in a systematic, planned and transparent manner, can ensure our energy security on long term basis in a sustainable manner. The need for harnessing the immense solar potential in the province and rest of Pakistan cannot be overemphasized.


To enhance the energy capacity of Balochistan and fuel economic growth by creating an environment that meets the Energy demands of all sectors through sustainable and affordable Energy mix and its efficient use.


Monitor and administrative control on the work of Electric Inspectors in Established offices Hub, Quetta and Turbat/Kech. All technical matters including court cases relating to the offices of Electric Inspectors.


Organizational Structure